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Tentwelve is the web and digital agency of choice for efficient and adapted online communication. Our experienced team — whose skills extend from design to development and project management to content creation — has been offering its expertise at the service of exciting and creative projects, in Brussels since 2001.

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    Strategy and Advice

    In order to give each project a tailored approach, we strive to identify our client’s original point of difference in order to highlight it.

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    Identity and Design

    Digital communication and the design of a new website must be viewed in a broader perspective of reflection on the identity of the project. A project has to exist and be strong before it is shared.

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    Our efficient and accessible websites respond to the highest requirements of quality and your needs to evolve. They are responsive and optimised for every device, from mobile to desktop.

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    Substance deserves as much attention as form. That’s why we also accompany you during the creation of content: text (copywriting), iconography (illustrations, photography) and video.

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    In order to offer the best suited tool for each project, we develop Viktor, our flexible, intuitive and user-friendly CMS. We also develop unique solutions for specific needs.

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    We build bridges between various third-party services such as online ticketing, CRM, mailing, newsletters, eCommerce and web hosting.

From the architecture to the graphic charter, Tentwelve creates and designs tailored solutions to ensure your online presence. Each detail, visible or invisible, contributes to making your website elegant, fluid and outstanding.

We develop your unique project and make it evolve with you.

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